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Make 2017 Your Year of Art and Creativity

Set yourself a goal of making 2017 your most art-filled and creative year yet! Try a painting or drawing class; take music lessons; or go to the theatre for a play or concert. Whatever it is that you may like to try to grow your creative skills and abilities, take a step forward and give it a try.

We at Sunny Bay Arts look forward to helping you reach your creative and art goals in 2017! Make sure to check back regularly for upcoming exhibitions, new artwork, and art classes.

Passion Play is a Must-See!

If you have never seen the Passion Play, it is a definite must! The location of the play is in the heart of the Canadian Badlands in Drumheller, AB.
It is an easy drive from Calgary to Drumheller along well-maintained highways and pretty views of rolling fields.

The Passion Play itself is spectacular! Because the stage is in between hills, the sound carries very well and the audience is able to hear the dialogue and narration of the actors. The costumes are amazing and the acting is very professional.

Seize an opportunity to go and see the Passion Play in the Canadian Badlands! It will be a highlight of your summer and a memory to last a lifetime! For more information, please visit