Congratulations to Barboria on Publishing Her 1st Children’s Picture Book!

Congratulations to Barboria Bjarne on the publishing of her first children’s picture book ‘Quanny and Danny’!

Barboria’s Book Launch & Author Reading!

Hosted by: Passion 4 Writing (P4W) Young Adults Writing Group

When: Friday, March 14, 2014

Time: 8:15 p.m.

Location: Sunny Bay Arts’ studio (Please e-mail for the address).

Contact: For more information, e-mail Passion 4 Writing at

About the book:

‘Quanny and Danny’ is a charming children’s story by Barboria Bjarne about a cute little puppy, raised by a goose, and how he inadvertently finds his true voice.

Quanny is a goose who struts around the property as if she were a guard dog. She is looking after Danny, a little grey puppy, who follows Quanny everywhere. He has never heard another dog’s sound, and as a result, Danny has not learned how to bark like a dog; instead, he makes strange “goosey” sounds.

One day Quanny hears Danny making strange excited noises and goes to investigate. She sees that he has found a caterpillar. When Quanny gobbles it up, Danny’s expression of surprise is so funny that Quanny laughs out loud. That goosey laugh sounds close enough to a woof that, when Danny hears it, he stumbles upon his true voice. From then on, he can bark and woof as though he were raised by a dog.

Young children and their parents will enjoy reading this rhyming, light-hearted story about the unlikely pair of Quanny and Danny. It is filled with joy and accompanied by colourful and expressive illustrations.

Would you like to purchase Barboria’s book? Here are links to where you can buy her books:

‘Quanny and Danny’


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