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Sale Tips For Your Art Show

This is taken from my (Barbori’s) blog. Enjoy and feel free to comment or add suggestions:

Sale Tips For Your Art Show

I have been in a number of art shows over the last few years and I have learned a few things about how to increase the potential for selling your own artwork at the shows:

1. Have artwork for sale at a variety of price points so that you widen your potential customer base. Some ways to do that are:

– have a raffle of artwork(s)
– hold a silent auction
– sell framed artworks
– have matted artworks available for sale
– greeting cards are always popular

2. Offer to do commissioned artwork. Sometimes people have a special photo that they would like to have made into a painting or would like to give a painting as a gift to someone.

3. Encourage potential customers to sign-up for an e-mail newsletter which would contain information on future art shows.

Try the above suggestions and see how they work at your art show. The more things you try, the more you will know what works and what does not work when it comes to selling your artwork.