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Sneak Peek at Illustrations from Barboria Bjarne’s 2nd Children’s Picture Book!

You are all the first to see a couple of illustrations from Barboria’s next book, ‘Grayson and the Crumbly, Grumbly, Rumbly Cookie’!

'Grayson' in Barboria's 2nd children's picture book!

‘Grayson’ in Barboria’s 2nd children’s picture book!

An illustration of the cookies in Barboria's next children's picture book!

An illustration of the cookies in Barboria’s next children’s picture book!

What do you think? To see all of the fun ice cream illustrations and the crumbly, grumbly, rumbly cookie, you will only have to wait until about December 15!

Please feel free to share or “like” if you love the ‘sneak peek’ preview of the illustrations!

Winter Inspiration…In September!

We thought that we would share a few photos with you of the wonderful winter wonderland that is currently in Alberta!

Winter wonderland in southern Alberta!

Winter wonderland in southern Alberta!

Winter on September 9 in southern Alberta.

Winter on September 9 in southern Alberta.

Does this make you look forward to winter? What kind of artworks will these photos inspire you to make? Take out your sketchbooks and canvasses and let the art begin!

Art in the Heart of the Foothills Country

Planning a drive through the Foothills countryside? Would you like to include some art stops along the way? There are many artists and marketplaces to stop by at in the country in Millarville, Turner Valley, and Black Diamond. The next time you take a drive in the country, visit these artisans and marketplaces:

– Millarville Farmer’s Market ( www.millarvilleracetrack.com/farmers-market), held every Saturday from June 3 to October 11 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

– Marryanne’s Eden ( www.maryanneseden.com), an art gallery located in Black Diamond.

– Bluerock Gallery ( www.bluerockgallery.ca), a store and art gallery in Black Diamond.

– Firebrand Glass Studio ( www.firebrandglass.ca) in Black Diamond.

– Boot Hill Gallery & Gift Shop ( www.berniebrown.com/boothill_gallery)in Okotoks.

– Beneath the Arch ( www.beneaththearch.ca) in Turner Valley

– Diamond Willow Artisan Retreat ( www.diamondwillowartisanretreat.com) near Turner Valley.

The above list features many different artists, musicians, shops, galleries, and marketplaces to visit and see the various art creations of many artists. Make your next country drive an “Art in the Heart of the Foothills Country” experience!

Support Local Art Stores in Calgary!

Being an artist in Calgary truly is wonderful! There are many resources, art groups, and ideas to support us as we create art. With that in mind, we thought we would share a list of local Calgary art stores. These art stores are all in different areas of the city so no matter where you live, there is probably at least one that is close by to you:

Mona Lisa Artists ( www.monalisa-artmat.com)
Kensington Art Supply ( www.kensingtonartsupply.com)
Sunnyside Art Supplies ( www.sunnysideartsupplies.com)
Swinton’s Art Supply ( www.swintonsart.com)
Inglewood Art Supplies ( www.inglewoodart.com)
Colours Artist Supplies ( www.artistssupplies.com)
Sketch Art Supplies ( www.sketchcalgary.ca)

Enjoy the experience of shopping for art supplies at a locally-owned art supply store! You will find lots of great advice, knowledge, and encouragement in each of these stores! If you visit one of the above stores for the first time after reading this post, please mention this blog post when letting others know how you found their store – it goes a long way in building a strong art community!

Passion Play is a Must-See!

If you have never seen the Passion Play, it is a definite must! The location of the play is in the heart of the Canadian Badlands in Drumheller, AB.
It is an easy drive from Calgary to Drumheller along well-maintained highways and pretty views of rolling fields.

The Passion Play itself is spectacular! Because the stage is in between hills, the sound carries very well and the audience is able to hear the dialogue and narration of the actors. The costumes are amazing and the acting is very professional.

Seize an opportunity to go and see the Passion Play in the Canadian Badlands! It will be a highlight of your summer and a memory to last a lifetime! For more information, please visit http://canadianpassionplay.com/.

Calgary Flames Foundation – Art Show Fundraiser on October 18, 2014!

We are excited to announce that Sunny Bay Arts is organizing an art fundraiser for October! The information is below and we would appreciate your help in spreading the word about this fundraiser.

COP EightyEight (88) Lounge: October 18, 2014
88 Canada Olympic Road SW in Calgary, AB
Show your support for the Calgary Flames Foundation! Sunny Bay Arts is pleased to be organizing this event. This art show is a fundraiser for the Flames Foundation and will include paintings, sculptures, art games (brush up on your art history!), an auction, and more! Artworks by Barboria Bjarne, Barbori G. Streibl, Kalen Wolfe ( www.steelwolfe.com), and other artists.

50% of proceeds from the art show fundraiser will go to the Calgary Flames Foundation!

Happy Stampede, Calgary!

Howdy! We hope everyone is having fun during the Calgary Stampede! Make sure to check out the Western Art Show that is on at the Stampede Grounds.

Penmanship Workshop in June!

Brush up on your handwriting skills with this workshop! Rediscover the art of penmanship and handwriting.

Date: Saturday, June 21
Time: 10 to 11:30 a.m.
Cost: Before May 31 – $20
After June 1 – $25

Supplies are included in the cost of this class. Please register by phone or e-mail.

New Class Just for Moms!

We have added a new and special class – just for Moms!

The class takes place on Saturday, June 14 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. For more information or to register, take a look at our ‘Art Workshops for Corporate Groups and Groups’ page!

Homeschool Art Sessions to Continue into June!

Our 2nd Wednesday Homeschool Art Sessions will continue on into June! The new dates and topics are:

May 21 – Gouache
June 11 – Acrylic

If you have any questions or want to register, visit our ‘Art Workshops for Corporate Groups & Groups’ page!