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Handwriting Lessons

Give your children the gift of handwriting skills while learning basic spelling and improving eye-hand coordination. Handwriting lessons are ideal for ages 7 and up. These lessons focus on the art and techniques of handwriting and penmanship, using a pencil, a nib pen or a fountain pen!

Students are welcome to start and join on an on-going basis. Lessons take place in SW Calgary. To register or for more information, call 403-252-0792 or e-mail us at info[at]

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Art Workshops for Corporate Groups and Groups

Sunny Bay Arts offers art workshops to corporate groups of up to 20 people. For topics and locations, please see the next page.

To register your company for a corporate workshop, please complete a registration form with your company's information, downloadable below in PDF format. Please contact us for time and cost information. We look forward to helping you in creating an art workshop that is perfect for your corporate group.

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Sunny Bay Arts also offers art workshops to groups. Topics covered in group workshops include:

- portrait drawing - nature drawing - Shades n' Shapes - & more!

Group workshops are for students ages 16 and up.

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