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Online Art Courses

~ Fine Art & Photography for the discerning art lover

Our online courses are currently offered in the form of PowerPoint Presentations and will be available starting December 31, 2014. These online art courses are designed for students to be able to learn at their own pace and on a flexible schedule.

10-Week Online Courses*:

    FND 101: Intro to Drawing
  • Course Description: Intro to Drawing is a 10-week course that introduces the basics of drawing. Topics covered include still-life drawing, shading, drawing of basic shapes, and perspective.
  • FND are our Foundation courses.

Self-Paced Online Courses**:

    Marketing for Fine Artists
  • Course Description: This course introduces marketing tips and techniques for artists to learn and try in helping to promote themselves as artists.
  • *10-Week Courses include Weekly Assignments to be completed and submitted.
  • **Self-Paced Courses are designed for anyone who would like to increase their knowledge on their own schedule.
  • Please contact us by phone or e-mail at if you are interested in registering for an online course or if you would like more information.